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Rapid Delivery

Delivery is an important word for us and goes far beyond the freight component. As an organisation only working in the Wireless Telecommunication space, we understand the mean of ‘urgent’, ‘I need it on site today’ or ‘I have a crew waiting for this item before I can complete the job’. Site Pro 1 takes these calls daily and understands the implications of not delivering exceptional fast and quality service to our customers.

Our build consumables and cable ladder items are kept in stock for you so when you put an order through, you can have the confidence that your order is going to be fulfilled on the first time. Our packing times are standardised to within 24hrs and our deliveries include tracking details. And when the pressure is on we can send out on an express service or even a same day.

Delivering high quality service is what we do for you. And when we do have to speak about freight, we deliver anywhere in Australia including directly to site.

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