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Consumables in the wireless telecommunication market is a challenging ordeal. Three different specifications from the carriers as well as what the other secondary carriers also require. It usually requires a contractor to source the items from six or more suppliers who don’t understand what the requirements are and that having stock is important.

This is how Site Pro 1 became a leader in Australia. We supply over 1,000 SKU’s specific to meeting the standards of the wireless telco market. All items that are listed on this website are kept in stock in our warehouses to ensure fast delivery.

To add to the benefit our packaging sizes are designed for a ‘per site’ consumption (20M, 30M and 100M rolls of cable, all hardware and Lugs in 10Pks etc). This allows you and our customers to buy for what you need for a job and not rely on having a warehouse full of goods you ‘might’ use in the future. More importantly when you do install our items you have the peace of mind knowing you are using an item that is approved by the carriers. Minimal risk with maximum benefit delivered anywhere in Australia.

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