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About Us

Welcome to Site Pro 1, your one stop shop for all wireless telecommunication components, consumables and steel structures.

Site Pro 1 is a leading supplier in the United States and is proud to now introduce Site Pro 1 into the Australian market.

Site Pro 1 Australia offers competitive pricing through leveraging its global supply channels and sourcing products direct from manufacturers. Its aim is to provide exceptional service and tailor a supply framework that will streamline your administration processes, minimise project delays and reduce time on site.

Site Pro 1 Australia products are used in the construction of wireless greenfield sites, site upgrades, and rooftop or co-located structures. Site Pro 1 maintains a healthy stock all of its products in dedicated Australian facilities and can simplify your procurement process by supplying a project Bill of Materials (BOMs) for each of your projects.

Along with maintaining a wide range of components and consumables, the company’s other point of difference is that it stocks a comprehensive selection of pre-engineered steel structures compliant with Australian Standards. This allows for upfront pricing transparency and a fast turnaround of supply, optimising construction times and saving you money. It also boasts in-house telecommunication engineering and fabrication capabilities, enabling you to work with the Site Pro 1 team to develop custom steel structures for your project.